BUsiness services

  • Automation. How to Automate your Business.

  • Branding & Content Creation. Brand your Content Properly.  

  • Business Coaching. How to Get your Systems & Processes.

  • Business Ebook Sales & Set up

  • Business Operations Training. How to Create  SOP (Standard Operations Procedures.)

  • How to Start your Business Online. 

  • Courses. How to Create Online Courses. 

  • Creating Your Target Audience. How to Sell to Your Ideal Clients.

  • Coaching Classes. 1-on-1 or Group Classes Available.

  • Digital Marketing Services. Keep Content Funky Fresh!

  • Email Campaigns. How to Collect Emails & Create Mass Marketing Campaigns. 

  • Hire Help. How to Hire & Train Virtual Assistants for cheap.

  • Market Research. How to Mimic Successful Businesses.

  • Marketing. How to Market offline via Mail, Community & More

  • Social Media Marketing. How to Make Money with Social Media. 

  • Turo. Start a Turo Business

  • Video Marketing Content. How to create social media video

  • Website Design

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Nicole specializes in the following services:

  • Business Development

  • Start Up Business

  • Small Business Coach

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Website Design

My name is Nicole Scott and I want everyone to know my story, and who I am!

I’ve had great success and failures in my life, which in return has made me who I am today! Without failure, we wouldn’t be able to learn from life experiences. I have learned my fair share of lessons in life and have made it my mission to help others build, or rebuild their lives successfully in a minimal amount of time & cost.


In 2015 I married the Devil in Disguise & later that year I lost my left kidney after several attempts to save it. During my surgery, my husband made a huge decision and quit his job, without speaking to me about it. This left me as the only person working and supporting our household. He was home each day to make sure he could control my every move. He soon became extremely violent. I knew at that point he was pure evil. I would wake up with him going through my phone every night. I had even woken up to punches to the face & body. He would read through all my personal messages to friends and family, I had no privacy or personal life. He became obsessive & angry. Then he started drinking daily which lead to more violence. I was now trapped in an abusive relationship with someone who was impossible to deal with. I started becoming more and more depressed & I had never experienced such unhappiness. 


Early 2016, I lost my Vice President of Operations position due to a company closure. I was absolutely heartbroken. This was a company I spent 10 years of my life with. I helped build something so amazing just to see it fail. I put blood, sweat, and tears into building another company & had nothing in the end. I felt lost, scared, and empty.

I was now left with 2 problems, losing my job (which was the true love of my life) and now I was at home daily with my abuser. This was a recipe for disaster.

The perfect life I worked so hard to build crashed down right before my eyes. My good credit was shot. I literally lost everything. I even lost my belongings that I put in storage. I was left with nothing but heart.

I took that heart and kept a positive mindset. I decided one day I no longer wanted to suffer. I slowly started rebuilding my life. The one thing that kept me striving for success was a positive mindset and knowing the future had a better place for me.

 "My ultimate goal is to provide solid solutions to those who are serious about success and ready to put in the work needed to succeed."

-Nicole Scott

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